Only 24 hours of suffering is fine with me!!

Friday, the 13th, (i mean really? That’s the day the chose for 2nd Shingles shot?!) is the day I received my 2nd injection of the Shingles vaccine. And again, they warned me of the possible side effects. The 1st shot side effects were so bad for 3 days that I almost didn’t go back for the 2nd. I seriously thought against it. But after the horror of suffering with shingles in my eyes, and learning of a friend who is suffering now with shingles and has already lost her vision in her right eye, I could not be so against the possibility that i could get it again and suffer neurological pain, blindness the next time or worse.

So, I made the 2nd appointment. I took my NSAID Aleve an hour before the appointment and prayed in my car before heading up the elevator at Mayo Clinic. The nurse was aware of my awful symptoms and she was concerned too that I could very possibly go through the same terrible suffering. She asked “Are you ok with this injection now?’

I must have looked pale and very worried for her to ask me this. I nodded and said “Let get it done”. She drew up the syringe and came over to me, sat down and asked that I let my hang my arm down towards the floor to release all muscle tension in my deltoid. Then she gave the shot. It didn’t really hurt, just as last time. But I knew the small sting was just a notice to be prepared for the hours ahead.

The 1st 12 hours were great. NO symptoms. I had gotten the shot at 2pm. But by 2am the arm pain was terrible, hot, swollen and tender. Then the fever came on and i had chills. I started to cry. But then I took a breath and said “relax, relax relax”. I fell back asleep. But awoke with drenched hair and pillow case and night shirt from the fever breaking at 4am. Through the next day, I slept on and off all day. I ate a small amount of food, a banana, then later a half of a baked potato, a lot of water and fell back asleep for 10 hours.

I awoke the next morning and felt cheerful and noticed all the symptoms were gone !!! I walked into the kitchen and said good morning to the cats and to my loving husband. He asked how i felt and I said great!! We both hugged and he said how happy he was that this episode was short and less intense. So grateful. So very grateful.

This was my experience with the two series Shingles injections. I am hoping others have less pain than i did. Although a difficult experience, it is worth not going through the horrible suffering shingles causes. A small amount of suffering compared to the years of pain shingles can wreak on your body without it. I am so sad my friend who is now blind had not refused the series. If you are eligible I would highly recommend it. Having a disease that lowers immune system and causes extreme stress raises the possibility of getting shingles. This is what I understand how I got it. I had 2 flares back to back in 1year and my body was weak, the perfect host for the dragons best friend, Shingles. But now evil Shingles is given a detour and can never approach me again.

Please stay safe friends.

Wishing you all good health


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I acquired AOSD in 2008. I have suffered so terribly and have found ways to help me regain my life. This my personal journal of this mystery illness to diagnosis. I hope that I can help others with my experience and information.

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