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My Poor Body

How much pain can a body keep going trough ? This CoVid has hit me so hard. Day 3 of Paxlovid. The high temperatures of 102 have decreased to 99. Extreme fatigue stays. Constant Coughing. The pulse ox says O2 is good. Severe diarrhea not sure if it’s from the covid or the medication. Severe…

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Sleep is my secret weapon.

I have found a secret weapon for healing keep flares away. Sleep. This month marks exactly 2 years since my last flare. I truly believe I have sidestepped a flare once or twice this past two years by sleeping and most of all monitoring my sleep with an app I found a couple years ago.…

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2 years NO Flare. Health is Good.

I have been feeling so good lately, and as we all know with this disease, don’t let this great feeling make you feel invincible. After the reaction to the vaccine, it’s been an exhausting road dealing with so many MDs: Cardiologists, SO many internists, Endocrinologists, CT Scans, Kidney function tests, bizarre diets to not disturb…

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