Having better days than I have in the past 2 years.

No, I am not about to say that I have zero pain. The foot pain is still an issue. But recent X-rays revealed no fracture. But strange pulling of ligament? Tendon? Pain still exists. It’s pretty much ok in the morning but as the day goes on the pain on top of the foot and along the side feels like a thick band is stretching that doesn’t want to stretch. Or when invert my foot inward, as if I’m trying to point my big toe or inside area of my foot down towards the floor while trying to point the pinky toe towards the ceiling. (I know probably doesn’t make any sense. UGH……this is what i go through when i try to explain to doctors

But overall, I can walk now. I’m back to walking my horse. I’m back to smiling almost the whole day! I’m back to bringing joy to others with my drawings. (You can find my doodles on Instagram. Morning Coffee Doodle. I am back to writing another children’s book, my 7th one ! I have more energy because I have been able to sleep through the night in 2 years. No pain waking me up.

The wacky (messed up) thing about the dragon is, yesterday when I was cooking dinner around 7pm, I all of a sudden had chills, teeth chattering. My 1st response was to get a sweater and sweat pants on. And then I realized, the a**hol# dragon was nearby and letting me know I may have overdone it today. I sat down, rested until the chills went away and then I resumed making dinner.

No flare for me. I will out trick you dragon every inch and every step I take.

Smile today.

Wishing you good health dragon slayers.


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