Sadness and fear of this flare

I know that stress is a huge component to Stills flares. The rash has come on slowly over the last 10 days, but I justified it as hives or emotions from having these broken bones for 6 months.

I didn’t take the rash seriously until 2 days ago when I lost all appetite and got chills around 7pm. I went to sleep and drenched my night shirt.

Last night my teeth chattered all night and my body was covered in chills as my drenched the sheets with sweat. Hip joint pain has started. The routine was to use a 100% cotton robe to absorb all the sweat and change into more shirts every couple hours. Always have towels on the pillows to catch the sweat pooling up on the sheets and drenched hair.

But now it’s time to go to the hospital. Get my labs drawn. I pray that the major organ affected is anything, but please God , not my heart. I have seen 2 patients in 24 years die when the heart is attacked by the disease.

So now, I ask for prayers. I will rest and let my body return to normal with medications and IVs

The evil visitors have arrived but they will not be here long.

Prayers please friends.


Daily Update

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I acquired AOSD in 2008. I have suffered so terribly and have found ways to help me regain my life. This my personal journal of this mystery illness to diagnosis. I hope that I can help others with my experience and information.

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  1. Dearest one, I began prayers when I read your post yesterday. Will continue them, praying that you will find peace and rest and slaying of this dragon. Feel strength from those around you and lift you up.

    • Thank you so very. much Patty. Isn’t it so strange how the dragon appears out of nowhere? So many years without a flare and then wham! I hope you are doing well and you are active and healthy friend. Please stay well.

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