What will a cold do?

I had a sore throat last night.  I have the sniffles and I feel extremely fatigued this a.m. Great.  Where did I catch this cold coming on??  Either from my neighbor who was sneezing all over the place and then told me he was very sick, or from the nurse who said she didn’t feel well at work as she wiped her nose with tissues, coughed into her hand and then handed me a patient’s chart.  How dirty was that chart?  How sick is my neighbor? Either way, a cold with all these medications I am on and a compromised immune system is the last thing I need.

I just pray that I do not relapse.  Maybe the medrol and the methrotrexate can spare me the whole blown cold symptoms??  Maybe I should try some homeopathic pills? 

This is depressing.  I just wanted to go back to work. I just wanted to get on with my life, my career, and lasting good health.  The bad part is, I have the smallest immune system right now, like a flea.  Do fleas have immune systems?  They probably have a stronger immune system than I currently have.  Lucky fleas.

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