When you can’t say no in an emergency situation but it may risk your life.

I didn’t feel that well when I woke up that day to begin with, but I went and visited my sweet mini horse in the hot Arizona heat.

I’ve only been off my meds for 90 days with the fierce instruction to AVOID ALL STRESS. Easy enough I thought.

Not feeling well after seeing my horse I headed home. But felt I should call the owner of the barn and tell her my horse needed some supplements. She and I spoke and I decided to make a u-turn and go to the tack store and buy and give her the supplement for the horse. She gave the supplement. And we sat down and chatted.

As we sat watching my mini horse and the mini goats, we jumped to our feet to see her prized horse was going into colic (a life threatening situation).

It was hot out and I had to stay and help, as she was alone. She called vet offices as I walked the horse as it was trying to lay down. It took all my strength and tears attempting to keep the horse on its feet while she stayed on the phone with the emergency vet clinic. I was very upset, overheated. I had never witnessed this before and the fear terrified me.

She stayed on hold, frustrated and scared we made the decision to haul the horse in. She instructed me to stay in the horse trailer with the horse and not let it lie down or risk it hanging itself and dying. I had never been in such a situation. I was crying and over heated and terrified. We drove and I screamed and begged and pulled at her horse while it buckled to its knees. I cried sobbing tears in the hot trailer hoping this horse would not die. I was overwhelmed and drenched in sweat due to over 105 degrees in the trailer. The poor horse wrenching it’s neck in pain and slumping against the trailer wall. I used all my strength and screamed “NO!!!!!! Don’t DiE!!!! We are almost there!!!! PLEASE Hang on sweet girl!!’ We are all almost there!!!! Please DONT die!!!!

My heart was racing as pouring sweat stung my eyes. Trying to stand as the horse trailer moved on the road I was sick to my stomach.

Finally we arrived. We got the hose out and the horse buckled again and tried to collapse. We screamed for help as techs and vets ran out to save her. Finally she was in the trauma bay and getting help. In shock I walked to the bathroom and threw up clear fluid 3 times. The floor was cool as I lay down and tried to keep from passing out. I knew I had to hold it together. The horses owner was with her horse In the trauma bay. I called my husband. I told him I didn’t feel well.

I watched them put tubes in the horse and felt ill. My husband arrived and he had me follow him home as I drove my car.

We arrived home, my head was pounding. My heart was racing and my chest hurt. My husband said I stared into space and didn’t talk. He put me in the car and to the emergency room. I was suffering from shock, heat exhaustion/ heat stroke. We did tests all night. I didn’t have a heart attack. But the emotional trauma of the situation was not good for me. My brain overheated and I was extremely low in electrolytes.

It’s been 3 days days now. I’m still extremely exhausted and sleep 17 hours a day. This is scary since my flares start with so much sleep. I pray I am not entering a flare. We never know where a flare will end up.

Please lord spare me from a flare. I just ended my meds 90 days ago. I never meant to get in such a traumatic situation. But once it begins you can’t say no.

Stress kills.

I’m so exhausted. I hope I can bypass a flare from this extreme stress.

Please friends stay healthy.

Sometimes you can’t walk away from someone needing help, but with our rare disease it can cost us our life.

Stay healthy my friends 🙏🏼

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I acquired AOSD in 2008. I have suffered so terribly and have found ways to help me regain my life. This my personal journal of this mystery illness to diagnosis. I hope that I can help others with my experience and information.

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  1. Prayers are definitely with you. You probably don’t need to hear much more than that right now. This dis-ease is he!! Rest, heal. You saved a life; let yours be saved now. Lifting you up.

    • Thank you. I keep thinking about the episode and I can not think of another way it could have been handled. It was all so fast. But I am resting. Trying my best to lay low and get back to normal.
      I hope you are doing well and the dragon has left and will never be seen again in your life.

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