Day 3 on the Anti-IF diet

Well last night was methotrexate night.  I hate those pills. I was so nauseas today. I slept many hours. I need to change back to Sunday nights for those darn pills. I have ruined my weekend changing to take pills on Fridays. So grateful that my husband is so supportive and generous and understanding. He helps by doing research about different meds and explains the scientifics of cellular interaction. and drug studies going on. I am doing ok on the diet. I actually feel a little better today. I really dont crave that much of the foods I am not supposed to eat. My food choices are very limited until I learn how to cook this new way. So far a lot of shrimp, sardines ( love them!), crab, lean poultry, and lots of salads. I munch on radishes and celery instead of cheese-its and I reach for a slice of beets instead of chips or a cookie.  I am doing this diet religiously. I have no desire to cheat.


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I acquired AOSD in 2008. I have suffered so terribly and have found ways to help me regain my life. This my personal journal of this mystery illness to diagnosis. I hope that I can help others with my experience and information.

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