Starting the anti-inflammaory diet

Well, the good news is my illness is not getting worse, the bad news  is I must prevent myself from relapsing, as I came so close to in Philadelphia. I have been told that it is imperative, mandatory, that  I abide by a special diet. I must do this diet as if my life depends on it, because in reality, it very well may be. I was told by by MD that I may have to start injections of a higher dose of methrotrexate, if we can not get this stupid disease under control. This would be terrible. My hair would start to fall out in clumps, my skin would get very dry, I would begin osteoporosis and the progression of my health would deteriorate. But the positive health ramifications would be that I would stop the rashes I get, stop the inching forward to relapse.  The alternative to injections, I hope, is to follow this diet to the 10th degree. From today I vow to eliminate ALL wheat products from my diet, ALL sugar, All red meat, potatoes, dairy, and preservatives. The list is actually extremely extensive but this is the nitty-gritty, the gist of it. The focus is that I follow a diet that relies on an anti-inflammatory scale.  I downloaded the scale and found out the most interesting things about the foods I ate. What I thought were “healthy”, such as bananas, tomatoes, yogurt, soy products, certain grains, etc. have been actually inflaming my body. The scale works by grading everything. I mean everything. The food item is then given a number. If the number is positive such as salmon then it is good for me. If its negative, like captain crunch cereal (-250), then I have just assaulted my body and I if I continue then I am making my disease worse and the road to injections is being paved by my weakness to control my food choice.  Well today is day 1. I am eating in constant tiny portions just trying get a handle on this diet. So far, I like it. Mainly because I love fish, all types, and I love vegetables. I miss bread already 😦   and its only 3pm. I will keep you all posted. As Hippocrates said: Food is medicine.


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I acquired AOSD in 2008. I have suffered so terribly and have found ways to help me regain my life. This my personal journal of this mystery illness to diagnosis. I hope that I can help others with my experience and information.

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  1. Hi,
    I am Anuj rathi. I am also suffering from AOSD since 3 years & I am continue taking medicine. I am searching for proper diet. can you please forward me the list which you have prepared for you. I am really very confused.
    I am waiting for your reply.

    Anuj rathi

    • Hi Anuj, I am sorry you are suffering with this awful disease. I suffered so terribly for years. My MD kept telling me that many immune disease suffers continue to inflame their body with highly inflammatory foods that cause fevers, joint pain, radical changes in their health.I have done so well with thi diet change!!!! I can tell you for a fact that my body was definitely being inflamed by wheat products and sugar. I have eaten small amounts of wheat to see what happens and EVERYTIME i get a fever and drenching sweats and start to get joint pain. I found a site that introduces the inflammation factor diet, but to get the entire list you need to download the app for an iphone or ipad. Here is the link Good luck to you !!!! Claudine

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