Glimmer of hope, not so

On November 14th, I felt great!!  I guess lying still for a whole month helped!! I thought was getting better.

I felt I had kicked this illness. I cleaned the floors in the house, I washed clothes, I went grocery shopping, I cooked a great dinner for my husband. I made a delicious dessert.  But then later that evening I was so ill, again.   My husband looked on worried, so loyal by my side. 

 Why did any activity bring upon such tremendous effects?? 

Why does my body react so badly to daily routine??  Was my life now to sleep? Lie still, limit myself to one activity a day??  

  NO!! I need to find out what this illness is. I have been spending hours on the Internet, searching for this strange illness.  I CAN’T LIVE THIS WAY.  WHAT IS THIS ILLNESS THAT REFUSES TO GO AWAY?????

I had a fever to 102, my body shook with chills, the red spots were ferocious and bright. I took Advil to help lower the fever. My right knee was red, painful.  I awoke in dripping sweat, the fever broke, but my left wrist was so painful. I could not turn the water faucet on, I could not lift anything. The wrist joint was protruding from the skin, looked so red and angry. I went back to bed but I could not even lay the wrist on the bed, it hurt so badly.

My fear was that I wouldn’t get to go bak to work on Nov 18th as I had planned.  But as the weekend passed, I felt better, again.  This strange roller-coaster. I figured it was a sign that maybe I did too much. I  went a little crazy with my new energy level. 

I vowed to pace myself. My husband was concerned, he warned me about going too fast, jumping back into things. He begged me to slow down. My pig headed ways wanted to exercise, shop, cook, be active again. Now look what happened, I relapsed. I cried a lot. I wanted this illness to be gone.  I wanted to get on with life.

I decided to get into a doctor on Monday.  I need to find out what I have.


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I acquired AOSD in 2008. I have suffered so terribly and have found ways to help me regain my life. This my personal journal of this mystery illness to diagnosis. I hope that I can help others with my experience and information.

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