Awesome time at AOTA conference!

I am now at the airport waiting for my flight back to Arizona. I had such a wonderful time here in Philedelphia! I met the wonderful presidents of ASAP and learned so much! Everybody was so nice, so eager to help and answer my questions. I look forward to making contact and building great working relationships! I went to all the poster sessions,this is the way to do it! I was able to get so much information and some amazing contacts whom I will definitely follow up with regarding topics that I address daily in the field.

I went to dinner last evening with a couple of ArizOTA board members and some studetnts from a university in Phoenix. Such a wonderful evening getting to know everybody at the table. This type of interaction is so important to etstablish a sense of unity, increase comfort in communication, promote working friendship, gaining insight and build rapport. I had a great time!

Best thing was I never did fall into a full relapse that would have changed the outcome of this adventure. The travel gods must have been looking over me! Lol!

I am looking forward to the next conference to see everybody again!

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