waiting for the ‘old’ me to arrive

23 Sep

I guess what is so disappointing is I miss my old self. I miss my energetic body. I miss my endless energy. I miss knowing that my body could handle wonderful hours of exrecise  at the gym. I miss being a workaholic. I miss working 6 days, sometimes seven days a week.  I miss taking the stairs at work, sometimes doing 6 flights of stairs several times a day.  I miss packing a day full of “errands” although many of those errands were just frittering around from one store to the next with some necessary tasks thrown in, like getting the car washed, etc. I keep hoping that when all this medication is finished (once again) I will have my previous energy level back too. But, somehow, deep down inside, I know that my body may never be the same. I know that my fatigue level is changed and my endurance level is lower.  And I realize that this may take  a long time to change. Truth is, before I acquired this disease, I never stayed still or very long. It is ironic then that I would contract a disease called Still’s Disease.

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